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Together for clean oceans

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a global community of individuals, organizations and companies working together to clean up our oceans and rivers, raise awareness of the problems of fisheries-related waste, and spotlight those who are making a difference in combating it.
Fishermen, NGOs and local actors collect plastic waste from the oceans, on the beach or in rivers. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE produce a high-tech yarn from this seemingly useless trash that is unparalleled in terms of sustainability and resource consumption: SEAQUAL® YARN.
FBF bed&more has joined the global community and now offers sustainable mattresses and sustainable toppers with covers made from this recycled material. Buy one of these products and make an active contribution to cleaning up the oceans.
Sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the hotel industry. Hotel furnishings made of sustainable materials play a major role here. The responsible use of our resources and the fight against the pollution of our planet is the way to a safe future. With our SEAQUAL products you have the opportunity to make your hotel more environmentally friendly and contribute to saving the waters of our earth.

Follow @seaqual.initiative and stay informed.